The event is confirmed at Ufford Park, Suffolk Saturday 1st August / Sunday 2nd August 2015:


1st James Hourigan 60pts
2nd Rob Parsons 56pts (ocb)
3rd Joe Vanaman 56pts

1st Lewis Eccles 74pts (ocb)
2nd Martin Williams 74pts
3rd Kevin Cook 72pts

Round 1
1st Kevin Cook 40pts
2nd Martin Williams 39pts (ocb)
3rd Rob Parsons 39pts

1st Ashley Harris 39pts
2nd Lewis Eccles 38pts
3rd Richard Willis 35pts



1100hrs to 1400hrs  DBO Round 1 tees off
2000hrs  Gala Dinner and Round 1 prize presentation Vista Suite

0900hrs to 1200hrs  DBO Round 2 tees off
1730hrs (approx) DBO trophy and Round 2 prize presentation Vista Suite

Player list

PLAYER HCP DISABILITY Home Club or Association Buggy
HAKIM SALEEM RAZA 5 Fused Pelvis Gujranwala GC, Pakistan yes
JAMES HOURIGAN 5 Bilateral Amputee Glendower GC, South Africa yes
ANDREW JONES 6 Fused Wrists Ellesmere GC, Cheshire no
ASHLEY HARRIS 7 Rheumatoid Arthritis DGA no
JOSEPH VANAMAN 7 Asperger's syndrome Notts GC, Kirkby in Ashfield no
TEX WILLIAMSON 7 Degloved Leg Drax GC, Yorks yes
ROBERT PARSONS 8 Leg Amputee Kings Norton GC, Birmingham yes
MARTIN WILLIAMS 9 Leg Amputee Zwartka yes
BRIAN BARRY WHITE 10 Finger Amputee DGA no
RICHARD WILLIS 10 Leg Amputee Celtic Manor GC, Wales yes
KENNY MORRISON 11 Amputee Isle of Harris GC yes
BILL WEST 12 Leg Amputee Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire yes
PETER HARDY 12 Spinal Blacknest GC, Hants no
DARREN MURTON 13 One -arm golfer DGA no
LEWIS ECCLES 13 Autism Waterfront GC, South Yorkshire no
MARTIN JELLEY 14 Leg Amputee Rusper GC, Surrey yes
NEIL BENTLEY 15 Partial Arm Heron's Reach GC, Lancs no
MARK WALTERS 17 Leg Amputee Walmer & Kingsdown GC, Kent yes
GARETH WILLIAMS 17 Leg amputee Wood Lakes GC, Newport yes
WILLIAM SAVAGE 18 Leg amputee Orchardleigh GC, Somerset yes
ROB GRANT 20 MS Cams Hall GC, Hampshire no
ROGER HURCOMBE 20 Leg Amputee Mid-Sussex GC yes
BRIAN PARSONS 20 Parkinson's Glen Gorse GC, Leics yes
KEVIN COOK 20 Amputee Hanwern GC, Newport yes
PAUL HOUGHTON 20 Leg Amputee Rivenhall GC, Essex yes
RICHARD SAUNDERS 20 Hintlesham GC, Suffolk no
MATTHEW WISKEN 21 Leg Amputee Canford Magna GC yes
BOBBY DAVID 21 Autism Downshire GC, Berkshire yes
RAY LEE 24 Wheelchair Golfer Lydd GC, Kent no
GARY TAYLOR 25 Frederick's Ataxia DGA yes
TERRY KIRBY 26 Wheelchair Golfer Tapton Park GC, Chesterfield no
KEITH DOLMAN 27 Leg Amputee Rochford GC, Essex yes
GRAEME MAZUR 28 Head injury/ hemiplegia Kent GC no
BARRY FUNNELL 30 Wheelchair Golfer Handigolf Foundation no
PHIL MEADOWS 36 Wheelchair Golfer Lakeside GC, Cambridgeshire no

DGA handicaps verified 14th July 2015


Entry forms

Entry forms are available below and must be submitted with deposit cheque and posted directly to Dr A Greasley to be entered into the ballot by the deadline of 31st May 2015:


DBO 2015 APPLICATION FORM 1st/2nd August 2015

A form for pre-ordering a commemorative polo shirt will be made available in due course to those successful in securing a place in the DBO or the JDBO.



About us

The event welcomes male, female and junior golfers with a wide range of disabilities and golf handicaps to compete together in tournament conditions. In 2015 this will be a truly open event, applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
Should the event be over-subscribed by the closing date of 31st May 2015, preference will be given to lower handicaps in each category for what is deemed to be an elite event.
There is a maximum handicap of 28 for gentlemen and 36 for ladies; however for all wheelchair golfers and blind golfers the maximum handicap is 36 and 45 respectively.
Juniors need an accurate golf club or disabled golf association playing handicap. The normal classification of "Junior" will apply i.e. they must be under 18 on the 1st January 2015. Committee have agreed with low entry numbers of Juniors in 2015, those who applied by deadline are to be welcomed to participate in the 2-day adult competition.
We have a three-year strategy such that:
  • in 2015 the event is open to all with disabilities and impairments with a correct Club handicap or a society handicap such as with the Disabled Golf Association
  • by 2016 adult players must have an EDGA medical pass; running in parallel with this strategy are adjustments anticipated to be made to EDGA classification of disabiltiy - to include intellectual disabilities and blind golfers.
  • by 2017 we aim to make this an EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association) tournament.
Launched in 2009, the Disabled British Open Golf Championships welcomed competitors from all over the world to take part in what most considered to be one of the "majors" within disability golf tournaments worldwide. The tournament was privately funded by Azalea, public relations and marketing agency specialising in the golf & leisure markets. In 2011 organisers launched the Junior Disabled British Open, to give Juniors the chance to compete in the same tournament conditions. Congratulations to Alisdair Berry who won the 2012 Disabled British Open Golf Championships at East Sussex National. A full list of all the results can be found by clicking here. In 2013 the DBO did not take place.
R-A-left-small-logo-1407951355In 2014, the Handigolf Foundation put in a submission to the R&A for new silver trophies for the DBO event to be held at Ufford Park - congratulations to Joseph Vanaman who won the gross trophy, and Richard Willis who won the net trophy.
In 2015, The Handigolf Foundation have partnered with the Disabled Golf Association,  BALASA,  England and Wales Blind Golf,  Society of One Armed Golfers, and England Golf to deliver the Disabled British Open 2015 and the Junior Disabled British Open 2015; the event will once again be hosted at Ufford Park in Suffolk. Once again the R&A have assisted with the purchase of silver trophies for the Junior competition.

Player Protocol

Speed of play
Players are not allowed to have supporters within their group and following their match. Only one assistant per player is allowed.

All scores are Stableford and it is essential to pick up if you cannot score on that hole.

No photographs may be taken by players or their assistants that will hold up play.

Supporters and the public are not allowed onto the course except around the 1st tee and 18th green and the environs of the clubhouse.

All efforts must be taken to keep up with the match in front and provisional balls should be played to avoid prolonged delays due to returns to the tee.

The fixed toilet and refreshment facilities are after the 9th green in proximity to the clubhouse.

The Greens should be very firm and the etiquette of care over lines of putting and order of putting should be relaxed if it will speed up play (this is particularly relevant to wheelchair golfers).

Help search for all lost balls, not just your own and ensure the time limit of 5 minutes is not exceeded.

All players assistants and caddies are requested to assist other players with bunker raking, ball retrieval and teeing and all other aspects to make for equitable playing conditions.

Additional Local Rule (for this event only as bunker attendants will not be present)
If a ball is in abnormal ground conditions in a bunker due to poor raking, footprints, rake imprints, animal tracks or wheel tracks it may be picked up and the bunker raked by anyone present. The ball may then be dropped OR replaced without penalty to recreate the lie that would have occurred in a properly raked bunker. It may not be positioned nearer the hole.

Marking and refereeing
Players must exchange cards and also record their own scores. Players and their assistants must observe and agree scores after each hole.

There will not be a scorer with each match but hidden observers will record random scores around the course and will need to verify the observed player after the score has been achieved.

A referee will be available and may be called out by mobile phone. The following match or matches must be invited through with due regard to safety in this event.

Players may not win both "gross" and "nett" prizes for the overall event. Prize winners from the nett 1st round are excluded from the 2nd round prizes.

Scorecards must be signed and returned immediately after each round.

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the playing handicap of participants to ensure a fair contest for the overall nett prize.For single round events this may be retrospective and the scoring adjusted after 9 holes.

Emergencies and Accidents
Call 999 for serious accidents and state Ufford Park Golf Club, Yarmouth Rd Melton and give the hole number you are nearest. Also call the Tournament Director on 07940 347 093

The Public Liability Insurance of The Handigolf Foundation is in force for all players but no responsibility can be taken for personal injury or loss during this event.

Have a good tournament.

2014 Tournament


gross nett gross nett gross nett gross nett
A JONES 25 31 24 30 49 61 4th ?
J VANAMAN 28 34 30 36 58 70 1st 2nd
M LEE 22 30 24 35 46 65 5th 4th=
M GIBSON 12 26 12 29 24 55 ? ?
T WILLIAMSON 27 34 23 29 50 63 2nd= 6th
P TOOKEY 21 29 9 26 30 55 ? ?
R WILLIS 23 36 27 40 50 76 2nd= 1st
B WEST 14 26 17 28 31 54 6th ?
G WILLIAMS 12 28 ? 23 ? 51 ? ?
K COOK 11 26 ? 31 ? 57 ? ?
M OVERTON ? 27 ? 28 ? 55 ? ?
P HARDY ? 30 ? 25 ? 55 ? ?
P CUNNINGHAM ? 27 ? 24 ? 51 ? ?
T KIRBY ? 25 ? 30 ? 55 ? ?
B FUNNELL ? 15 ? 18 ? 33 ? ?
P HOUGHTON ? 25 ? 30 ? 55 ? ?
K DOLMAN ? 21 ? 34 ? 55 ? ?
B PARSONS ? 31 ? 35 ? 66 ? 3rd
G RIDLEY ? 27 ? 33 ? 60 ? ?
T BROUDER ? 30 ? 35 ? 65 ? 4th=
P MEADOWS ? 15 ? 21 ? 36 ? ?
T TOFIELD ? 15 ? 17 ? 32 ? ?
G MAZUR ? 26 ? 22 ? 48 ? ?


1st  Richard Willis, Celtic Manor, A/K amputee  76pts  (Nett Trophy)
2nd Brian Parsons, Glen Gorse. Parkinson's      66pts
3rd  Tony Brouder. Newcastle West,Wheelchair Golfer  65pts

(Joseph Vanaman placed second but given Gross Trophy in preference)


1st Joseph Vanaman North Notts GC, Asperger's Syndrome  58pts  (Gross Trophy)
2nd Tex Williamson, Drax GC, Degloved Leg    50pts
3rd  Andrew Jones. Ellesmere Port GC Fused Wrists  49pts

(Richard Willis placed joint 2nd but awarded Nett Trophy in preference)


1st    Richard Willis                   36pts
2nd   Tex Williamson                 34pts  (17pts back 9 )
3rd   Joseph Vanaman              34pts  (13pts back 9)

BEST ROUND 2 NETT SCORE (acceptees of R1 prizes ineligible)

1st  Tony Brouder      35pts  (24pts back 9)
2nd  Brian Parsons    35pts  ( 19pts back 9)
3rd  Maurice Lee Tankersley Park, double arm amputee 35pts (16pts b9)

EAST ANGLIAN OPEN (Wheelchair Golfers only, Round 2 nett score)

1st   Tony Brouder Limerick   35pts
2nd  Terry Kirby Chesterfield  30pts
3rd   Mark Gibson Belfast      29pts




Junior Net
Adult Gross
Adult Gross

DBO 2015

DSCN0227 DSCN0357 DSCN0358 DSCN0391 DSCN0413 DSCN0415 DSCN0420 DSCN0421 DSCN0424 DSCN0425

DBO 2014


Joseph Vanaman, Overall Gross Winner 2014
Maurice Lee, 3rd place BEST ROUND 2 NETT SCORE 2014
European Wheelchair Golf Champion Mark Gibson tees off


DBO 2012


Contact us

Contact the Committee

Dr Andrew Greasley (Chair), The Handigolf Foundation

Terry Kirby, The Handigolf Foundation

Graeme Robertson, Disabled Golf Association

Sue Robertson, Website/Marketing

Jamie Blair, Disability Manager, England Golf

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